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Tizio Table Lamp by Richard Sapper 1972

The Tizio table lamp for Artemide, designed by Richard Sapper is such a recognisable design icon. Though the design is nearly 40 years old and still in production by Artemide (in various sizes and options now) it is still a beautifully minimalist, simplistic and highly […]


RVW Mollis – Easy Chair

The Mollis Chair by RVW is a great combination of slender steel legs, veneer laminate and leather upholstery. I really like the combination of the minimalist look combined with the sculpted veneer laminate which seems to envelope the user. Looks like a good book reading […]


Circular Calendar

Unfortunately I can’t read a word of what I assume is Russian, but as they say, an image says a thousand words, and there are plenty of images and not actually that many words to describe this calendar. And I love it. I’m not particularly […]

Wesco Pushboy Classic

Wesco Bins

The Wesco Pushboy Classic Line may be just a bin, but it is also one of those timeless products. It’s a product that has been around for a long time and I think it will be around for a lot longer – a modern design classic.


Amaro Bikes

This stunning fixed gear by Amaro Bikes is possibly one of the cleanest most simplistic bikes I have ever seen. As a custom made bike it’s vital to get the integrated seat mast the right length as it allows for very little adjustment. And the […]



Below are the words of Joey Roth – the designer. And a really interesting video about the design and manufacturing process. Sorapot from Kevin Rose on Vimeo. The world is a collection of small, beautiful things that are so detailed, they seem like miniature worlds, […]


Alex Bottle

Check out this interesting drinking bottle which screws open from the centre allowing easy cleaning. Much more hygienic and odour free in comparison to a traditional drinking bottle. The base can slip inside the top section which takes up less room in your bag when […]


BlueLounge Cable Clip

The new CableClip from the BlueLounge is a really neat solution to all those messy cables winding their way around your desk. There’s a variety of colours from subtle to bold and three different sizes. The simple lines and subtle logo combine to make a […]

Glodos bit bike design loopfiets lime hoplakee

BIT by Glodos

[ratings] BIT by Glodos is a really nicely designed bike for children aged between 18 months and 3 years. The design is brilliantly simple with a laminate main component which acts as the seat, the frame, the handlebars and also holds the wheels. The smooth […]


Pasta Packaging

This great Spaghetti box by British student Neal Fletcher is designed to make selecting the correct amount of pasta an easy task. I’d rather not have another kitchen measuring gadget, so I know this is something which will appeal to many people, myself included. Hopefully […]