Wesco Pushboy Classic

Wesco Bins

Wesco’s waste bins are one of those products that doesn’t really get noticed, and on so many occasions the name of it escapes me. But every time I think of a bin, its the first one that comes to my mind. I thought I’d write a feature on it a) to remind myself of it next time I forget it’s name and b) because I think this product deserves a mention here.

Wesco Kickboy Classic

The Wesco Pushboy Classic Line may be just a bin, but it is also one of those timeless products. It’s a product that has been around for a long time and I think it will be around for a lot longer – a modern design classic. With so many choices of colour and finish to choose from, it fits into almost any home interior. It’s simple design, built from high quality stainless steel and powder coated steel, are bound to last a lifetime.

From the Classic Line of the Pushboys and the Kickboys there are also their more simplistic and modern shaped counterparts as well as many other variations of bin to choose from. Beside the bin range, Wesco also produce many other household and kitchenware products with the same level of quality, design and attention to detail.

Wesco Bins

The Wesco Pushboy and Kickboy bins are one of those products that goes a little too unnoticed, and in my opinion are one of the must have design classics.

Though they’re generally not cheap to the average consumer, it is a product that will last a lifetime, and grow a sense of character. With it’s timeless design, it’s a product that should last generations and should avoid ever ending up at the dump.

Visit www.wesco.de for more information.