Tizio Table Lamp by Richard Sapper 1972

The Tizio table lamp for Artemide, designed by Richard Sapper is such a recognisable design icon. Though the design is nearly 40 years old and still in production by Artemide (in various sizes and options now) it is still a beautifully minimalist, simplistic and highly functional table lamp. Sought after by many designers, artists and architects for its intended practicality, the Tizio’s designer Richard Sapper himself claimed he could not find a lamp that met his requirements: “I wanted a small head and long arms; I didn’t want to have to clamp the lamp to the desk because it’s awkward. And I wanted to be able to move it easily.”

With it’s swivel base, long reach arms and adjustable head angle, the Tizio provides a direct light where you need it. The low voltage halogen lamp can be positioned anywhere easily and smoothly, ensured by it’s counterweights. The transformer concealed in the base also provides two different light intensities. Originally available only in painted black aluminium, the design was revolutionary as the electricity is conducted from the transformer to the halogen capsule through it’s arms, neglecting the need for wires, an innovation seen in few other lamp designs at the time. Tizio was also one of the first lamps to use a halogen light source beyond the automobile industry.

Now available in different sizes and colours; black, white, aluminium grey or polished chrome (Tizio Micro ony), the Tizio finds itself in as many residential locations as it does in commercial use.

However, as equally a great design icon and now over 75 years old, the Anglepoise lamp designed by George Carwardine is famously recognised and steeped in history. Why Sapper didn’t find the Anglepoise suitable for his needs, I’m not sure. The Anglepoise was also designed as a long reach, directional table lamp using springs to counterbalance the lamp as opposed to the Tizio’s counterweights.

Though they are both highly practical and iconic table lamps, they are very different in style. The Anglepoise carries with it, a very traditional style, though not at all dated or will ever be out of fashion. In contrast though, the Tizio is a modern style and should also never look out of date.

So, no matter what style of table lamp you are after, you have two great design icons to choose from.

The question is, which one will you choose?

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We should be soon posting a dedicated article for the Anglepoise here on Functional Simplicity, so keep an eye out for it.