Welcome to Functional Simplicity

Functional Simplicity is about bringing together the best product designs from around the world. As product designers ourselves, we are inspired and driven by our passion for well designed products that provide the function they were intended for simply, effectively and beautifully.

Functional Simplicity is the place to find product design that we think is great, inspires us and hopefully our audience too.

On Functional Simplicity  you will find:

Featured Articles – These are written articles about design. They are thoughts and opinions submitted by our contributors to evoke thoughts, ideas and discussion.

Cool Stuff – As the title suggests, these are links to short articles about a particular design that we really like or an external link to another site that features the article in full.

Competitions – Our weekly design competition is just for fun and submissions can be anything between a simple sketch to a full 3D rendering. Submissions can be rated online by anyone on Functional Simplicity and the winner, well, wins pride and glory.