Below are the words of Joey Roth – the designer. And a really interesting video about the design and manufacturing process. Sorapot from Kevin Rose […]

Alex Bottle


Check out this interesting drinking bottle which screws open from the centre allowing easy cleaning. Much more hygienic and odour free in comparison to a […]

BlueLounge Cable Clip


The new CableClip from the BlueLounge is a really neat solution to all those messy cables winding their way around your desk. There’s a variety […]

BIT by Glodos

Glodos bit bike design loopfiets lime hoplakee

[ratings] BIT by Glodos is a really nicely designed bike for children aged between 18 months and 3 years. The design is brilliantly simple with […]

Pasta Packaging


This great Spaghetti box by British student Neal Fletcher is designed to make selecting the correct amount of pasta an easy task. I’d rather not […]